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Freedom lies on the other side of fear

Hi, I’m Nigel Colmer. How can I help you?

I personally have been on the self improvement trail for over 30 years now. Like you, I’ve have a number of life changing event that completely threw me and left me wondering what life is all about.

My main belief as a child was if I put myself out there, if I show the real me, I’ll be attacked, both verbally and physically. I’ll be bullied, chastised, ridiculed, embarrassed, taunted and teased. So I decided from a young age that it’s best to play it small, best to stay in the shadows, stay out of harms way, say and do what needs to be said and done to please other people. That way I’ll not draw any attention to myself and get through each day safely. That took energy. That took a lot of preparation and while I was coming up with strategies and day dreaming about how life was going to be when I was older, the simple truth was I missed out on living in the moment and wasted so much of my life. 

Fast forward to several years back and I finally got help from practitioners who used safe, scientifically tried and tested modalities to clear my fears and limiting beliefs, and I now live a life I never though possible. I now have full health, a loving relationship and a lifestyle that is in alignment with how I feel inside. Because it starts from the inside. I now like, love and respect myself. I no longer look for love and validation from outside of me, I give to myself what I once craved for others. 

In short, if I can make these changes, then so can you. I can help you clear your limiting beliefs, beliefs most likely imposed onto you from significant others. I will help you boost your confidence and self esteem. 

So, I am pleased to meet you on this forum and if after watching my videos on this site you want to learn how I can help you reclaim your health and happiness, then make contact with me using the various methods attached and let’s set you on the path to emotional and physical well being now!

Best wishes, Nigel
Clinical Hypnotherapist
Havening Technique Practitioner
Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner & Trainer
Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner

What I believe:

  • Freedom lives on the other side of fear.
  • People will judge me, – fact.
  • Other people’s behaviour is not the problem – me expecting them to behave in a particular way is the problem.
  • My life is a reflection of what I say to myself, feel about myself, people and the world.
  • I create my own reality.
  • When I crave something, I am not ready to receive it as I'm moving from a position of lack.
  • If I am blocked, held back, imprisoned in my mind in some way, I am doing it to me.
  • There is the True aligned me, and there is the false conditioned me.
  • A negative emotion is the gap between the true me and the conditioned me.
  • A belief is simply a thought I keep thinking.
  • The first inspired thought I have is created from the true, aligned me, the doubt that often follows it is a creation from my past programmes.
  • Negative beliefs regurgitated over time ultimately cause physical and emotional illness.
  • People pleasing is a sophisticated form of manipulation in order to keep myself safe.
  • When making a decision, I first ask myself does it feel heavy, does it feel light.
  • I can measure what I will lose, but I cannot measure what I will gain, when leaving my past story behind.
  • Repressed anger hurts me and often other innocent people. Repressed anger is the result of past events when I was not able to say or do what I needed. Resolution of the unjust event was not achieved back then, so I continue to attract similar situations, either consciously creating them, or doing so on a subconscious level, in order to seek that resolution.
  • I can either accept my physical body as it is in this moment, or hide it away for fear of judgement by others.
  • I keep fear alive by rehearsing negative future scenarios in my mind.
  • Everything I do in life is to either avoid pain, or to gain pleasure.
  • Fear creates fear.
  • What I resist, persists.
  • Change work is a journey, and it’s never done.
  • I can set my own agenda, or some else will set it for me.
  • The feeling of doing that thing, even though I was first afraid, will be amazing, compared to the negative feeling of giving in to the fear of judgement of others. One is good for my health, the other very damaging. One will attract even more joy and health, the other will put me into the trance of my past story.
  • A life limiting trance is what I’ll be sucked into when I get triggered by a experience similar to past, unresolved events.
  • The perpetrator dishes out the hurt – I spend the rest of my life continuing what the bully started.
  • Change is possible. 
I am an accredited Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner and Trainer with EFTMRA, and along with my partner Karon Clements, I run 'EFT Tapping Training Ireland,' which can be found on Facebook, along with my own Facebook page 'Clear Your Fears.'

Fear keeps you stuck. Fear stops you in your tracks and robs you of the life experiences you deserve. The good news is your fears were learned, so they can be un-learned and replaced with appropriate responses to life experiences.

The techniques I use in sessions can be learned by anyone within minutes, and when used regularly as self-maintenance tools, the result can be amazing. I can tell you from experience that I believe it is possible to uncover the negative beliefs that have been blocking success and happiness.

Perhaps one of the most profound things you will learn from me is that your past does not equal your future. When you learn to rely on your gut instinct and settle into trusting yourself once again, the magic of living a life in alignment with who you really are can begin. Your emotional and physical health will improve and life will begin to be fun again.

Many people have written off their lives, shelved their real desires, chosen instead to listen to the opinions of other people who have a different agenda for them, afraid to go with their heart, choosing instead to play it small, afraid to shine; just existing, just punching in time, full of regret. This was me at one time.

Like you, I have a Story. As the saying goes…..’if I had known then, what I know now’….I would have acted a lot differently. But then again, if I had not experienced those negative events, I would not have learned effective skills and would have nothing to offer people who find themselves in similar situations, or who are still negatively affected by events that happened many years ago.

My story might resonate with you, and if so rest assured help is at hand. I will show you how you can reclaim your personal power……………..
Stress Response
The Stress Response 
Over the past number of years a lot more has been learnt scientifically about how and why we become stressed. We now know how to interrupt and transform the ‘fight, flight or freeze’ response. It is my belief that we can reprograms the brain and body to act differently when under stressful situations.

The ‘Fight, Flight or Freeze’ Stress Response
When we experience a stressful event, negative feelings like fear, anger, anxiety and distress can enter our mind and body. In an instant our brain sends a signal to our body to go ‘on alert’ to danger to help us fight off the threat or flee to safety. We can also ‘freeze’ in a moment of total overwhelm. This is known as a UDIN moment – a moment when we experience so much trauma when it was Unexpected, Dramatic, Isolating and we had No strategy to deal with it.

The Stress Response is an inbuilt, pre-programmed survival mechanism enabling humans to react quickly to life-threatening situations. This mechanism hasn’t changed from the days when our ancestors ran away to escape Bengal tigers!

In today’s world we might not be chased down the street by a ferocious wild animal, however, there are many non-life threatening situations that can cause a flood of stress hormones into out body that over time can make us feel unwell.

How The Brain and Body React To Stress
The stress response begins in the part of the brain which contains the Amygdala, an almond-shaped mass of neurons in the mid-brain. The amygdala is constantly on the look out for threats to our safety and general well being. If we perceive a threat or danger to ourselves, the amygdala sends impulses to the autonomic nervous system that cause the ‘fight, flight or freeze’ response.

When the Stress response has been triggered, adrenaline, noradrenaline and cortisol are released into the bloodstream causing blood pressure, heart rate and blood sugar to rise to provide the energy needed to ‘fight’ or ‘flee.’ The heart starts to pound and the muscles begin to tense. Energy is directed away from digestion and the immune system and the rational mind shuts down. This is why our mind can go blank when under stress and we react automatically to keep safe.

The Role of The Amygdala
When a person experiences an event that causes them anxiety, the amygdala directs the storage and association of that memory with anxiety. The amygdala is on the look out for potential physical and emotional threats to our safety, based on its coding of ‘past’ traumatic memories.

All of our traumatic experiences in the past are stored to help us avoid similar threatening situations in the future. When the amygdala identifies a similar potential traumatic event occurring now, our emotional response is automatic and outside our conscious thought. In an instant all the sensations and feelings of that earlier situation are brought to life and we experience them both emotionally and physically. These are flashbacks, to use an everyday term.

The danger can be real or imaginary, however the mind cannot distinguish between something that is real or imagined, but the emotional and physical response we feel still occurs. In this instance we have been triggered and the Stress Response has been set in motion.

How Our Old Programming is Triggered
From all of the research over the years it is now accepted our mind and body have been trying to keep us safe. If we take a childhood experience, one that was negative and had been stored for many years, when the amygdala is triggered by a potentially unsafe event, the old stored memory is referred to by the brain and we relive the original traumatic event. This occurs in an instant and in many cases we do not remember the original event, however the amygdala compares the new stressful event with the older one and sets off the stress response and we feel anxious. As said, this all occurs to help keep us safe. Have you ever been triggered by a tone of voice, the way someone looks at you or when in a particular situation? Chances are you have experienced a negative event when you were young and the stored memory has been re-activated on some level.

You may have had to stand up in class and recite a poem in front of your teacher and class mates and your mind went blank. That memory would have been stored and many years later when you have to give that presentation in front of your peers, once again feelings of stress and anxiety can rise up.

A present day situation can activate an old programmed response at a subconscious level, resulting in self-sabotaging and self-defeating thoughts. Often the choices we make are influenced by past events and when we experience enough negative, traumatic events over time, we can begin to feel anxious, depressed and phobic, even though consciously we know there is no real threat to our life.

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“E.F.T. Tapping Training Ireland” 2 hour workshop

Introducing Emotional Freedom Techniques

Emotional Freedom Techniques (aka EFT Tapping) are a simple & effective set of techniques that people of all ages are learning, to enable them to shift negative emotions and thought patterns.

EFT is being used every day by individuals and professionals alike to help clear concerns they have connected with anxiety, phobias, stress, depression, pain, cravings and much more.

During this two-hour experiential workshop, you'll be introduced to these wonderful techniques and be provided with a practical insight into EFT.

Course details:
Learn the basic EFT tapping protocols so you can take them away and use any time, day or night
Discover how to use EFT for your everyday self-care and emotional management of your stress and anxiety
Understand how use EFT to help relieve physical pain and discomfort
Have the opportunity to participate in a group EFT experience, as well as observe a live application of EFT with one volunteer attendee.
All attendees will receive detailed EFT supporting documents and access to online video/audio tutorials. There will also be the opportunity to discover what is covered in the accredited EFT Level 1 & Level 2 Practitioner course, offered by EFT Tapping Training Ireland, with trainers Nigel Colmer & Karon Clements.

The £160 investment required for this workshop entitles a group of up to 16 people to attend.

2 Hour Workshop
  • Donaghadee, UK
  • Skype/Zoom Sessions Available


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