Hi, I’m Nigel Colmer. How can I help you?

I will help you clear your fears and phobias, no matter how long you have had them and no matter how many attempts you've made to do so. To help you understand how I have set myself free of years of fears and phobias, my approach to working with clients in session revolves around the list below. They are solutions that I have arrived at and which I integrate into my practice. If they resonate with you and you too want to reclaim your life, then we can work together. If the conclusions below are not to your taste, then let's leave it there and I wish you all the very best in the hope you get resolution with the many other modalities available around the world. One size doesn't fit all, and that is okay. As I say, this is my unique approach. Best wishes, Nigel.

What I believe:

  • Freedom lives on the other side of fear.
  • People will judge me, – fact.
  • Other people’s behaviour is not the problem – me expecting them to behave in a particular way is the problem.
  • My life is a reflection of what I say to myself, feel about myself, people and the world.
  • I create my own reality.
  • When I crave something, I am not ready to receive it as I'm moving from a position of lack.
  • If I am blocked, held back, imprisoned in my mind in some way, I am doing it to me.
  • There is the True aligned me, and there is the false conditioned me.
  • A negative emotion is the gap between the true me and the conditioned me.
  • A belief is simply a thought I keep thinking.
  • The first inspired thought I have is created from the true, aligned me, the doubt that often follows it is a creation from my past programmes.
  • Negative beliefs regurgitated over time ultimately cause physical and emotional illness.
  • People pleasing is a sophisticated form of manipulation in order to keep myself safe.
  • When making a decision, I first ask myself does it feel heavy, does it feel light.
  • I can measure what I will lose, but I cannot measure what I will gain, when leaving my past story behind.
  • Repressed anger hurts me and often other innocent people. Repressed anger is the result of past events when I was not able to say or do what I needed. Resolution of the unjust event was not achieved back then, so I continue to attract similar situations, either consciously creating them or doing so on a subconscious level, in order to seek that resolution.
  • I can either accept my physical body as it is in this moment, or hide it away for fear of judgement by others.
  • I keep fear alive by rehearsing negative future scenarios in my mind.
  • Everything I do in life is to either avoid pain, or to gain pleasure.
  • Fear creates fear.
  • What I resist, persists.
  • Change work is a journey, and it’s never done.
  • I can set my own agenda, or some else will set it for me.
  • The feeling of doing that thing, even though I was first afraid, will be amazing, compared to the negative feeling of giving in to the fear of judgement of others. One is good for my health, the other very damaging. One will attract even more joy and health, the other will put me into the trance of my past story.
  • A life limiting trance is what I’ll be sucked into when I get triggered by a experience similar to past, unresolved events.
  • The perpetrator dishes out the hurt – I spend the rest of my life continuing what the bully started.
  • Change is possible. 
I am an accredited Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner and Trainer with EFTMRA, and along with my partner Karon Clements, I run 'EFT Tapping Training Ireland,' which can be found on Facebook, along with my own Facebook page 'Clear Your Fears.'

Fear keeps you stuck. Fear stops you in your tracks and robs you of the life experiences you deserve. The good news is your fears were learned, so they can be un-learned and replaced with appropriate responses to life experiences.

The techniques I use in sessions can be learned by anyone within minutes, and when used regularly as self-maintenance tools, the result can be amazing. I can tell you from experience that I believe it is possible to uncover the negative beliefs that have been blocking success and happiness.

Perhaps one of the most profound things you will learn from me is that your past does not equal your future. When you learn to rely on your gut instinct and settle into trusting yourself once again, the magic of living a life in alignment with who you really are can begin. Your emotional and physical health will improve and life will begin to be fun again.

Many people have written off their lives, shelved their real desires, chosen instead to listen to the opinions of other people who have a different agenda for them, afraid to go with their heart, choosing instead to play it small, afraid to shine; just existing, just punching in time, full of regret. This was me at one time.

Like you, I have a Story. As the saying goes…..’if I had known then, what I know now’….I would have acted a lot differently. But then again, if I had not experienced those negative events, I would not have learned effective skills and would have nothing to offer people who find themselves in similar situations, or who are still negatively affected by events that happened many years ago.

My story might resonate with you, and if so rest assured help is at hand. I will show you how you can reclaim your personal power.

Best wishes, Nigel.